Inman Park

Inman Park is the first planned residential suburb. It is also the neighborhood in its electric trolley. This Victorian neighborhood, curves streets and generous lot properties for residentials and verdant. It has built from a shattered land of Atlanta’s Civil War battleground, two miles east of downtown Atlanta. In 1969 many of the houses of Inman Park had their restoration and preservation movement. The beauty of the Victorian houses was being rediscovered and people were discovering how to revere the architecture. In the year 1970, the first neighborhood association was formed and the neighborhood was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Inman Park today is now nested by beautiful mansions filled with professionals that loves the charming urban living setup in a bucolic setting. Almost all of the houses in the neighborhood have been restored to their pride and glory, and the parks have scattered throughout the neighborhood are well-maintained green escapades that were originally designed by Joel Hurt.

The Butterfly

Inman Park in Atlanta, Georgia is represented with a somewhat simple butterfly but with a creative vision behind it. The wings of Inman’s logo have two faces that symbolize looking at the beauty of the past and youthful developing years of Inman Park. The other side of the wings, which also have a face means looking to the future of the neighborhood’s blossoming future.

 What to Do in Inman Park

Inman Park Festival is a three-day street affair that is celebrated annually during April. It’s a treat for the residents during the festival for many will rent golf carts for an easy go back and forth from their houses to the event’s live music, vendor booths, stages, and the Tour of Homes. The roads within the duration of the festival are blocked off so everyone can freely walk around and engage in the festival’s art, clothing, crafts, and other handmade treasures prepared by the residents. EZ Atlanta Junk Removal

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