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Scrap Metal Recycling & Pick Up

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Junk can pile up before you know it. One day, you have a small pile of junk, the next time you look, there is a massive pile of junk. Junk is the byproduct of home improvement, automotive repair, and new construction.

While household waste may be easy to dispose of, the same thing cannot be said about junk. Our junk removal is available to all local consumers, businesses, government entities, tourist destinations, landlords, tenants, and public facilities.

How Our Scrap Metal Removal Works?

Our professional junk removal collects, hauls, and drops off all kinds of junk at legal waste collection facilities. We believe our junk removal services are giving back to the community by helping consumers who do not, otherwise, have the means to get rid of their junk.

To initiate the removal process, the client must request a consultation with one of our qualified technicians. An appointment is scheduled, and the technician is dispatched to the client’s property within 24 and 48 hours of the initial request.

During the consultation, the technician assesses the scrap metal to determine the best disposal strategy. We always encourage recycling to landfill disposal because it keeps the pile of junk from continuing to generate dangerous greenhouse gases.

An appointment is scheduled for pickup and disposal of the scrap metals, which generally occurs at a later date.

What To Expect On Scrap Metal Removal Appointment Day?

The customer is alerted of the junk removal team’s arrival about 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment. We want the client to be fully aware of what is taking place throughout the junk removal process.

Upon arrival at the client’s property, the removal team will begin to load up the scrap metal, separating each type for easier disposal. Most scrap metal is recyclable, depending on the interface.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Aluminum Scrap Metal

Aluminum is utilized for the manufacturing of siding, roofing drip edge, blinds, food containers, outdoor kid’s toys, and window frames. Aluminum scrap metal is very common, unlike brass and cast iron.

Cast Iron scrap Metal

Cast iron is utilized for the construction of kitchen sinks, cookware, appliances, and other household components. Cast iron scrap metal is heavy, making it difficult to dispose of. Fortunately, most items with cast iron construction are approved for recycling.

Brass Scrap Metal

Brass scrap metal is a precious commodity. Brass is utilized for various purposes – screws, washers, bathroom & kitchen fixtures, plumbing components (ball valves, pipes, and couplings), doorknobs, picture frames, home décor, and keys.

Recycled brass is utilized to make all kinds of products.

Copper Scrap Metal

Copper can be found in a variety of products – electrical wiring, natural gas pipes & fixtures, bracelets, chimney caps, outdoor decorations, and cookware. Most products with copper construction are legal for recycling.

Tin Scrap Metal

Tin has been deemed a safe option for food and beverage manufacturing containers. Soup, soda, vegetables, chili beans, tuna, ham, and fruit cans are made of tin. Tin scrap metal fetches a hefty penny at recycling centers, which is what drives people to collect it.

Steel Scrap Metal

Steel is a heavy metal utilized in the construction of warehouses, fences, bike frames, airplanes, trains, automobiles, plumbing pipes, farm equipment, and street signs. Steel is a recyclable metal when it is not utilized in chemical applications.

Lead Scrap Metal

Lead is utilized alone and in combination with other metals in the construction of batteries, automotive components, and other important products. If you are hitting roadblocks when trying to dispose of lead scrap metal, we are here to help.

Nickel Scrap Metal

Nickel is a metal utilized in the production of mobile phones, silverware, tools, razors, and belt buckles. Nickel is recyclable and can be dropped off at any city-authorized recycling center.

Zinc Scrap Metal

Zinc can be found in topcoats and materials utilized in the construction industry. The metal has a unique ability to resist damage caused by long-time exposure to the elements. Zinc resists UV rays, rainwater, snow, sleet, wind, dust, and other elements.

What Is The Safest Way To Dispose Of Scrap Metal?

Each piece of scrap metal is unique, with some being recyclable and others not so much. Our removal team will inspect your pile of scrap metal to determine what is recyclable and what is not. There are several disposal methods for scrap metal. These techniques include donation, recycling, and landfill.

Opened aluminum beverage and food cans are very easy to dispose of. We highly encourage recycling for these pieces of scrap metal. Recycling is a great way to earn a little extra cash on the side.

Large pieces of scrap metal may be difficult to dispose of because some waste collection services do not classify it as household waste. We will dispatch a removal team to your property at your earliest convenience to collect the large pile of scrap metal. Our scrap metal disposal process is straightforward.

Non-Recyclable Scrap Metals

As previously mentioned, not all scrap metals are recyclable. If you regularly do home improvement, new construction, car repair, metal hobbies, or indoor & outdoor plumbing, you are probably accustomed to having scrap metal on hand. In this case, it is important to be able to identify non-recyclable scrap metals.

Any metal that is combined with chemicals cannot be recycled, according to most municipal scrap metal recycling protocols.

What Are The Benefits Of Scrap Metal Recycling?

Scrap metal recycling helps protect the environment from further damage caused by greenhouse gases. When scrap metal is exposed to the elements, it is continuously generating dangerous greenhouse gases. Recycling helps minimize landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions related to scrap metal disposal.

Scrap metal recyclables are utilized to produce all kinds of products. Recycled scrap metals reduce the need for newly produced metals.

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