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Garbage & Waste Removal

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If you’ve lived in different cities, you likely know that each city deals with junk differently. Believe it or not, some make the process of junk removal a real nightmare. With restrictions, potential fines, and limited dumps, it can be a hassle trying to legally dispose of some types of waste. It’s not like you can leave everything sitting by the curb and except your friendly garbageman to take it. You will wake up the next morning and what do you see?

If your waste collection service is not fulfilling its duty, you always have the option of reaching out to us. Maybe you have accumulated a pile of unwanted items that need to be removed. Perhaps there are large items in your home that you cannot possibly get to the curb. Whether it requires heavy lifting or special equipment, we are a full-service, one-stop garbage and waste removal company.

Removal Made Easy In Your Neighborhood

Garbage can easily grow out of control if left unattended for a few weeks. Maybe your waste removal needs are not being met by your local garbage service. It honestly doesn’t matter to our trained professionals because we are always on standby to assist our community members to get rid of their trash. Got junk that needs removing after-hours? Got junk you can’t get out of the home? Got junk your local dump won’t take? We’ll handle all your junk removal problems and needs with a smile! Just call, point our removal team in the direction of your rubbish, and watch it disappear, like a magic trick.

The Cost Of Junk Removal

If you thought junk removal was tricky, you haven’t seen anything yet. The cost of junk removal is even more confusing and frustrating than the actual process. Some companies tend to utilize complicated invoices to confuse their customers about the actual cost. Other companies might say they can’t give a quote until they complete the junk removal process.

They will try to load, weigh, and transport the junk to a collection facility without a quote or invoice. When you see the invoice for the first time, your jaws will drop. These are tactics we highly advise against and never use.

We do need to be on the property to properly evaluate the job, but you can rest assured we always provide free, accurate, and honest quotes. When all said and done, you’ll only pay the price you were quoted and nothing extra.

Properly Reducing Your Waste

We understand that waste removal can be expensive. While we are one of the most affordable and reasonable junk removal services in the area, times are tougher than ever, and it is now more essential than ever to save where one can. Here are some things you might consider doing to help your frugal efforts with waste removal:

  • Whenever at all possible make sure you properly recycle paper, metal, and plastics
  • Always opt for reusable bags and find additional uses for used plastic bags
  • Eat fresh meals in the home, instead of collecting on fast food containers
  • Consider building a compost pile for organic waste in your backyard
  • Always opt for the repair option instead of replacing items unnecessarily
  • Plastic or rubber reusable dishes and dishware is always a viable option
  • Learn to repurpose broken and worn-out items whenever possible
  • Consider donation services before trashing. You might even get tax rebates for this

Properly Reducing Food Waste

Food costs are likely one of your biggest expenses. Unfortunately, there is no avoiding eating. One must eat, but there is a way to do it smarter and less costly than what you probably are. It doesn’t have to be difficult either! Here are some things to consider:

  • Always make a shopping list or shopping plan before heading out to the grocery store
  • Over-portioning should be avoided at all costs
  • Save and consume leftovers whenever possible
  • Properly store food items for maximum shelf life
  • Organize your shelves, pantry, and fridge in the most effective and efficient ways possible
  • Only buy what you know you will eat
  • Meal prep
  • Track what your trash
  • Freeze and preserve whenever possible

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There honestly are tons of ways that homeowners can cut down on their household waste. We recommend composting organic materials, such as food leftovers, paper bags, potato skins, coffee grounds, tea bags, eggshells, cupcake wrappers, dead animals, and fireplace ashes. Composting can help minimize your household waste, resulting in a more affordable removal bill.

Our garbage & and household waste removal teams are on standby to take your call. We will gladly answer your junk removal questions, schedule you for a free consultation, and provide you with an over-the-phone educational course.

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