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Construction Debris Removal

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Constructing a new home, office, or store can be exciting but difficult. You’ll likely hire a contractor who will hire plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians. It is always a good idea to work with professionals to ensure that it gets taken care of correctly. Once the work is finished, it is wise to hire another professional to take away your construction debris. We’ve been in the business for many years so we can help you get rid of your construction debris.

We Can Get Rid Of Concrete, Brick, Wood, Drywall, & More

During the construction process, you’re going to find yourself dealing with all kinds of construction debris. You’ll use wood, concrete, drywall, and more. Whether you’re tackling a commercial or residential project, you need to find a way to get rid of your construction debris. One of the best ways to resolve this problem is by hiring a qualified junk removal specialist. We’re always here to help. Team up with us and we’ll get rid of your construction debris quickly, conveniently, and eco-friendly.

Construction Materials We Dispose Of

We can dispose of many types of construction debris including those mentioned below.


First, you should know that we can handle concrete. The material is dusty and messy until it hardens. Once this happens, it is going to be heavy and bulky. Don’t try lifting it on your own because you might hurt your back. Instead, you should hire a professional to take care of it for you. We’ll send several technicians to your home so they can lift the concrete carefully. We’ll make sure no one gets hurt during the process.


Besides concrete, we can also get rid of asphalt. The good thing is that this material can be recycled. Whether we’re taking your asphalt pavement or shingles, you can guarantee that these materials can be reused. They can be transformed into walkways, roads, and driveways. Let us take your unwanted asphalt and we’ll make sure it gets recycled.

Scrap Wood

We’ll also help you get rid of your scrap wood. If you had to replace a few studs, you’ll likely have a few leftovers in your home. Remember that the trashman won’t take these items. Instead, our technicians can get rid of it for you.

Scrap Metal

Our technicians have experience dealing with scrap metals. When you’re ready to remove the scrap metal from your yard, call our local office. We’ll send our experts over to your property so they can get rid of the metal for you promptly.


Drywall is a common construction material. You’ll use it to build walls and ceilings. It is messy and difficult to carry. Therefore, consumers should get assistance dealing with this material. Otherwise, they might break a piece of drywall in their home and breathe in the dust. Our technicians can carry large pieces of drywall without creating problems for you. We also know how to dispose of these items safely.

More About Our Construction Debris Removal Services

Which Construction Materials Can Be Recycled?

Thankfully, many of the construction materials that you’ve been using can indeed be recycled. For instance, we can help you recycle your leftover rock, carpet, drywall, concrete, lumber, metal, and other materials. When possible, we’ll take these items to a recycling center so they can be used once again. If you want to protect the environment, it is best to have these items recycled.

Disposing Of Concrete

You’ll need to get rid of concrete at some point. Make sure it is dealt with properly, so it doesn’t create a problem for someone else. Don’t send it to the landfill. Instead, use the tips below to dispose of the concrete correctly.

  • Try taking the chunk of concrete to a construction or demolition waste facility.
  • Ask to see if your local building supplier will take it.
  • You might be able to give it away for free online.
  • Call our office and let our professional junk haulers handle it.
  • Hire a company that specializes in recycling materials.
  • Put it on the curb and try giving it away for free.
  • See if you can reuse the material.
  • Rent a dumpster and dispose of it there.

Someone could use the concrete slab. Find a better way to get rid of yours.

Recycling Concrete

Concrete can indeed be recycled. Therefore, you shouldn’t send it to the local landfill. When recycled, it can be used to create new building foundations, pavement, asphalt, and other items.

Getting Rid Of Scrap Wood

After a construction project, you’re going to have piles of scrap wood around your property. The wood needs to be disposed of properly to avoid issues. If you’ve collected untreated wood, you can likely leave it on the curb because your trash service will take it. However, the trashman isn’t going to take treated wood. We will. We can help you find a safe and efficient way to dispose of these materials.

Getting Rid Of Bricks

Getting rid of your bricks will be difficult because the material is so heavy. Don’t break your back. Our technicians can take this non-biodegradable junk from your property and properly dispose of it for you. Use the advice below to get rid of it properly.

  • Check the condition of the bricks.
  • Find out if you can donate the bricks to a material exchange center.
  • Someone in your neighborhood might take the bricks for free.
  • If you can’t reuse them, they’ll have to go to the landfill.

Bricks are sturdy, durable, and versatile. They can be used for an abundance of purposes. Therefore, you should try to find a way to use this material. With a little creativity, you can find a use for the bricks, so you don’t have to send them to the landfill.

Dealing With Drywall

Finally, you’ll need to do something with the leftover drywall. Thankfully, you can recycle the material easily. Most recycling centers will accept drywall. If your local recycling center refuses drywall, call our friendly junk removal specialists. We’ll help you remove this junk from your property.

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