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Carpet Removal & Disposal

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Carpeting is not constructed to endure normal wear and tear for more than a few years. Regular shampooing, neutralizing, and sterilizing are not always enough to extend the life of a carpet. Unlike throw rugs and mats, carpet cleaning lacks thoroughness, even when done by a professional.

The life of carpet varies depending on several factors, including foot traffic, cleaning, brand, durability rating, pets, and children.

DIY Carpet Removal

When you can no longer look at your carpet with a straight face, replacement is the only option. By this point, your carpet will be embedded with debris, stains, germs, pet dander, and other allergens. There will be no hope of saving the carpeting, leaving no alternative but replacement.

Carpet is one of the most difficult components to dispose of, especially when the local garbage collection services do not classify it as household waste. This disposal issue is just one reason why property owners refuse to update their worn, unappealing carpet.

Do-it-yourself carpet removal is a complex, time-consuming process. With the proper equipment – hammer, pry bar, staple remover, pliers, and boxcutter – complete carpet removal in a 10’ x 10’ room could take between 2 and 4 hours. Without the proper equipment and adequate manpower, it can take several days to remove the carpet in a 10’ x 10’ space.

Professional Carpet Removal Service Near Me

If you think, carpet removal is difficult, you are yet to tackle the carpet disposal process. Once the carpet is detached from the subfloor or floor foundation, it is time to implement a disposal strategy. The first thing you should ask yourself is, does my trash collection service accept old carpets. If the answer is “no”, you must come up with an alternative disposal method.

Look no further than our professional carpet disposal service. We will pick up your carpet, rolled up or in pieces, and transport it to a legal waste transfer station.

How To Remove Carpet Tack Strips?

Most installation services utilize tacks to attach the carpet to the subfloor. Carpet tacks are extremely difficult to remove, which must be completed before the carpet is removed. Carpet tacks come in strips that are installed along walls. A pair of pliers, hammer, and pry bar is needed to detach carpet tacks from a subfloor.

  • Starting where two tack strips meet, utilize a screwdriver or pry bar
  • Place the tip of the pry bar or screwdriver where two tack strips meet
  • Hit the handle of the hammer or pry bar with a hammer until the tip is underneath the tack strip
  • Pull back on the handle of the screwdriver (pry bar) until the tack strip is loose
  • Repeat these steps all the tack strips are detached from the subfloor

If the carpet was not previously removed, this would be your next task.

How To Remove Carpet Glued To A Subfloor?

Wen carpet is glued to the subfloor, the complexity of the removal process is significantly harder. The adhesive must be broken down before the carpet will detach from the subfloor.

  • Utilize a scraper to break the carpet adhesive loose from the subfloor
  • Utilize a hairdryer on the maximum temperature setting to breakdown the adhesive
  • Utilize boiling water to breakdown carpet adhesive

It is perfectly okay to combine these methods when tackling carpet adhesive.

Is Carpet Removal From Stairs Difficult?

It does not need to be. With the proper tools – hammer, pry bar, box cutter, and hammer – the carpet removal is guaranteed to go smoothly. Unlike the floor, the steps are not completely flat. The top and sides of the steps are flat, the rest will be oddly shaped, making the carpet removal process more difficult.

The carpet adheres to the staircase with adhesive and/or tack strips. Follow the same instructions provided above to remove the tack strips or adhesive and carpet from the vertical risers.

Remember, safety first when working on uneven surfaces.

Legal Carpet Disposal

Check with your trash collection service to determine if the carpet is considered household waste. As a household waste, your trash service will pick up the carpet, along with other household waste per the normal schedule. Some trash collection companies offer unscheduled pickup per a customer’s request.

Is It Legal To Dispose Of Old Carpet In Neighborhood Dumpsters?

Each municipality has a unique waste disposal protocol. Contact the governing agencies to validate the legalities of carpet disposal in dumpsters. If carpet is approved for dumpster disposal, be a good citizen by cutting your carpet into small- and medium-sized pieces.

Is Carpet A Recyclable Item?

Most municipality recycling centers do accept carpets The recycled carpet is broken down into plastic resin. Manufacturers in the automotive, construction, carpet, vinyl flooring and garden industries utilize the plastic resin derived from old carpets for automotive.

Recycling your old carpet will keep it out of the landfill, where it would lay for years, generating harmful greenhouse gases.

Do Landfills Accept Carpet?

When a carpet is classified as household waste, it can be disposed of in landfills. However, most waste facilities prefer recycling old carpets as to landfill disposal.

Is Carpet Infested With Carpet Beetles Picked Up By Trash Collectors?

It may be necessary to fully eradicate the carpet beetle infestation before your local trash collection service will touch it.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.