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Hot Tub & Spa Removal Service

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Soaking in a hot tub will be nice. It can help combat your back pain. Just remember that your hot tub is going to stop working at some point. You may decide to replace it with a better one. Since the item can weigh up to 500 pounds, it is going to be hard to remove from your home. If you’re dealing with this problem, rely on our junk removal experts. Our technicians can remove the hot tub from your home and dispose of it for you.

Easily Removing Hot Tubs From Your Home

It is difficult to deal with a hot tub on your own unless you have five friends and a big truck. Once we’ve taken these items, we’ll find a safe, eco-friendly way to get rid of them. Alternatively, we can follow your instructions. If you want it to be donated, we’ll donate it. We’ll always accept our clients’ wishes. Call our office so we can help you deal with your unwanted hot tub or spa right away.

Properly Disposing Of A Hot Tub

Once your spa malfunctions and stops working, it is pertinent to do something about it. You should find an eco-friendly way to get rid of the hot tub. Although there are other options, you can try trading it in at a retailer. You can also try selling the hot tub to someone online. Host a yard sale and sell it then. Finally, you can hire us. We’ve been dealing with hot tubs for a long time, so we’ll make sure it gets done right.

We’ll make the process quick and easy for you. Call our office so we can take your hot tub from your dwelling in minutes.

Moving A Hot Tub Safely

At some point, you may decide that you need to move your hot tub. When this happens, you need to move it carefully. Use the advice below to avoid potential problems.

  • Make sure that the power cord is disconnected.
  • Be sure to drain all the water to avoid messes.
  • Take it apart. Remove the pump, plumbing pipes, and heaters.
  • The accessories should be packed separately.
  • Make sure there is plenty of room to walk through your home.

Once you’ve finished these steps, call our office. We’ll take your hot tub away and load it in our truck. Once we’ve done that, we’ll dispose of the item for you carefully. We’ll make sure it is dealt with in an eco-friendly way.

Hot Tub Removal & Disposal Cost

Remember that the price of our service depends on several factors. In general, we’ll charge a price based on the size of the hot tub. We also have to consider how difficult the project is going to be. In general, our price depends on how much space the item is going to consume in our truck. It is easier for us to examine the situation before giving you a free estimate. Once our technicians arrive at your home, they’ll check it out and give you a quote.

Removing A Hot Tub On Your Own

You can try moving your hot tub without our help, but you’ll likely run into problems. For starters, hot tubs are incredibly heavy. They’re also bulky. It will take several people to properly remove the hot tub from your dwelling. We recommend working with a professional who will make the process quick and easy. We’re here to help. We can send multiple people to your home to ensure that the hot tub is dealt with promptly and you’re protected to the fullest.

Recycling A Hot Tub Cover

If you’re trying to deal with a hot tub cover, recycle it. There is a good chance that your local recycling center will take it from you. Once this happens, they’ll recycle the material and use it for other purposes. If you need assistance deal with the cover, call us. We’ll take it to the local recycling center for you.

Properly Disposing Of Your Hot Tub Cover

You’ll need to find a way to get rid of your hot tub cover. Be sure to choose wisely. Otherwise, you’ll create a problem for someone else. When you’re ready to begin, grab a knife or box cutter. Use the item to begin cutting the cover into smaller pieces. Cut around the seams for the best results. After that, you’ll need to unzip the cover so you can begin removing the foam inserts. You may have to remove plastic, aluminum, metal, or another material from the inserts. Finally, cut the vinyl and other inserts into tiny pieces.

Be sure to call our office so we can take the cover for you.

Other Hot Tub Items We Take

We’ll take any hot tub items, including above-ground spas, covers, steel tubs, and fiberglass tubs. Call to get started right now.

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