Candler Park

Candler Park in Atlanta, Georgia is named after the Coca-Cola magnate Griggs Candler because of his generosity in donating the land to the city in 1922. Candler Park proves a swimming pool, soccer/football field, tennis courts a nine-hole golf course and a playground to the small community of the park. It has been also highly recognized by National Register of Historic on September 8, 1983.

CP Golf Course

The historic Candler Park Golf Course and its 9-hole golf course was donated to Atlanta by the Asa Candler, Coca-Cola founder and opened in 1927. The golf course provides three sets of tees for different skill levels which allows Atlanta patron golfers the opportunity to enjoy their game without driving to the suburbs. This hilly terrain part of Atlanta is also home to a rich wildlife habitat. EZ Atlanta Junk Removal

Candler Park

The Park can be used for your future party or specials events. Just take note that the organization does not have the authority in managing the park. Instead, you may contact the City of Atlanta to check for the availability of the park’s pavilions or other areas of the park.

One of the neighborhood’s plans was the formation of Candler Park Conservancy so it could be dedicated to improving the park in a long- and short-term basis.

Candler Park Pool

 The pool is run by the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation. For the any information about the pool when it comes to possible booking of pools in Atlanta you can check their website here https://www.atlantaga.gov/government/departments/parks-recreation

Freedom Park

The land sat vacant and overgrowing for more than 20 years. Shortly after the 1990 selection of Atlanta for the Olympic Games, the mayor brokered a solution in consenting the current parkway to be created as the Ponce de Leon Avenue that strip of land further to the east and was converted into a liner park. Since its development, it has become a popular spots for bike riding, jogging and dog-walking.

Mulberry Fields

The unique gem hidden in the Candler Park of Atlanta, GA is the Mulberry Fields which is located in 1301 Iverson St. The acre of open meadow, mulberry grove and tall old pecan trees that offers accessible green space for any recreational activities, environmental awareness, organic growing, and community building. The garden has been sheltering neighborhood hawks, owls. Bluebirds and many kinds of woodpecker species. Mulberry Fields was part of a dairy farm and has been the oldest farm house that was built and still stands as of today.

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