Downtown Atlanta

The central region of Atlanta, Georgia, is prized for its three business districts. Housed to many corporate regional headquarters of the city, county, state, and federal government. Downtown Atlanta measures approximately four square miles populated by 26,700 residents as of 2010. It has undergone many changes from constructions of new condos, lofts, renovation to its historical buildings, and migration of new residents, and also with many businesses.

Downtown Atlanta has walkable streets, with an authentic urban atmosphere behind its rich history. It has been a well-known attraction and its undiscovered gems. Downtown Atlanta is the perfect place to move in for how dynamic their culture and way of living are.

Experience Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta has many experiences to choose from depending on how you would want to spend your time during a visit or likely starting a new chapter of your life in a big city. It is a beautiful place to work in if you are starting adult life. There will always be something for everyone such as art and culture, sports, small businesses. The city’s diverse culture lets everyone have big chances of meeting new people that match the same interests.

Centennial Park District

Whether a local or a visitor, married with or even single, you will still find a place where you belong at Centennial Park in Downtown Atlanta. Safe, walkable, fun, and vibrant events that you and your friends will truly enjoy. Mouthwatering dining experience even exquisite hotels are nestled around Centennial Olympic Park. EZ Atlanta Junk Removal

Local Flavor

Atlanta has been known for being the “city of neighborhoods” because you will surely find an eclectic range of it Downtown. Explore many places to go with different experiences of which history, art, Southern cuisine, and world-class attraction. Downtown Atlanta is known for its wealthy architectural treasures, from its oldest buildings to its most modern skyscrapers.


Atlanta’s Downtown restaurants are up to more than 300 dining and evening entertainment options. So even if you are a night owl, grabbing a snack or having a drink with friends after a fine four-course meal and a bottle of wine, Downtown can be your perfect destination. From fine dining to quick bites or maybe some coffee and dessert dates, everything is covered.

One of these is Gibney’s Pub located at 231 Peachtree Center Ave Atlanta, GA. A Casual restaurant that features pub food and a great local neighborhood ambiance.

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