Midtown Atlanta

Just like any other Atlanta experience, Midtown Atlanta is a busy commercial area behind a vibrant art hub. House by The High Museum of Arts caters to world-renowned work of art in a very striking modern architectural touch. Margaret Mitchell House can also be found in Midtown Atlanta, they offer tours of the then author of the famous novel “Gone with the Wind.” Hotspot for its comedy hubs, popular bars, and big-name shops the Peachtree Street.

With its lively art scene, and proactive community building and planning, Midtown Atlanta has been an outstanding urban neighborhood in the city of Atlanta,GA. Known for its decades of sprawling growth of its dense, well mixed walkable area in the region.


During the early 1900s, Midtown Atlanta has evolved from being a pine forest to becoming one of Atlanta’s most developed neighborhoods. In the 1960s, Midtown has been popularly known for its counterculture, blight, and unsavory streets. Thanks to the collective action of the community, business, and civic groups, it was a massive help in processing in transforming this part of Atlanta is becoming an urbanist, live-learn-work-play community. These efforts led to almost $5 billion in their new and private investment since 2000.

In present times, this part of Atlanta, Georgia is now a blend of urban commercial vibe behind art cultural attractions, higher education, green space, and residential livings. It has been largely known as Atlanta’s “Heart of the Arts” featuring its largest core in arts and cultural attractions in the Southeast. Midtown Atlanta has evolved as a modern and influential district with its substantial anchor institutions such as Emory University Hospital Midtown, Georgia Tech, and the Savannah College of Art and Design-Atlanta.

What Midtown Atlanta has to Offer

It has been known for its dense growth and grid street network. Its unique historical architecture, such as Fox Theater, displays Moorish styling, with minarets and a central dome. Behind all these concrete jungles, Midtown Atlanta demonstrates a strong focus on environmental sustainability, which is their creation of Ecodistrict that recognizes buildings and companies striving for environmental sustainability. Highly ranked as an anchor institution linking arts, technology, healthcare to foster the city’s innovative development among start-ups, corporations, and entrepreneurs. EZ Atlanta Junk Removal


Midtown Atlanta never sleeps and that proves their different events such as Music Midtown in Piedmont Park during September. The festival features Midtown. More than 200 industry and civic leaders, locals, and workers started a special pop-up event in celebration of Midtown Atlanta’s recent success as one of the only neighborhoods in the US to make the American Planning Association’s 2016 list of “Great Places in America”

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