Atlantic Station

A neighborhood on the northwestern edge of Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia all packed with its retail districts, condominiums, townhomes, and apartment buildings. Atlantic Station is located in the site of the Atlantic Steel, which opened in the year 1901. The steel mill was nearly closing in the mid-1970s but it was minimally operational to avoid the huge costs it would need because it remediates soil contamination.

October in the year 2003, the very first residents moved into its developing economy. The 17th Street bridge was finished in January of 2003 and it has been the first round of establishments that opened during October 2005. During its years of economic evolution, a pre-drawn fire has completely affected a large-wood frame residential building that was under construction. Two days after, after a thorough investigation, it was ruled as arson. In addition to it is the destruction of the 65-unit Element building, and many more inhabited units. It has been estimated that at least five million dollars of damage were done to the affected buildings.

Experience Atlantic Station Like No Other

 Explore deeper into the rich history of Georgia with its exhibits that have covered a wide range of subjects pertaining to its Peach State. Millennium Gate Museum has been in the house of many renowned Georgia artists, history, and art displayed and accessed to the public. The museum is located at 395 17th St, NW, Atlanta, GA.

Your love for shopping will not be dry in Atlanta Station because of its retail stores that you do not see everywhere, like Dermalogica for your skincare products, or Tervis for your store for water bottles, wine glass, and branded accessories.

In between a tiring tour through the area, a nice much of amazing food is amazing with very diverse options of food. You can build your perfect salad or warp, or chow-down on a delicious chicken dish with a Southern twist. Sweet tooths are also catered to the sweet side of the city where you can get frozen yogurt, ice cream, fresh cookies, or candies while buying a cup of coffee to fuel yourself. EZ Atlanta Junk Removal

Besides that, Atlanta Station entertainment is among the best. From a Whole World Improv Theater every summer of laughter where comedians present to their audiences to participate in an improvised comedy entertainment show perfect for a date night! One thing that should be not forgotten when visiting is the Cirque du Soleil in Atlantic Station buildings shows should definitely not be missed.

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