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Basement Storage Ideas To Optimize Your Space

Your basement is often overlooked and ignored. However, you shouldn’t take this room for granted. The room can be used for numerous purposes, including storing items, creating a playroom, or turning it into a guestroom. However, your basement must be perfect. Otherwise, your items could be damage down there. Follow the advice below to optimize the space in your basement.

Basement Storage Tips

Before you begin storing items in your basement, it is pertinent to check the status of the basement. Remember that basements often have humidity issues. If this is something you’re dealing with, you have to be incredibly careful. You can’t store delicate items in a moist basement because those items will get destroyed. It is best to store items in a finished basement. If you have an unfinished basement, you’ll need to store items selectively. Use the tips below to get the most from your basement.
  • When dealing with a moist, humid basement, be sure to avoid storing potentially delicate items. If there is a risk that the item will bend or warp, store it somewhere else. You should never store documents and photos down there unless the basement is finished.
  • Some basements have repeat moisture problems. If this is what you’re facing, it is wise to paint the walls with a waterproof, mold-resistant primer.
  • Try installing a dehumidifier in your humid basement.
  • If you’ve found a puddle of water in your basement, find out why. Figure out what is going on and rectify the problem quickly.
  • Find and deal with any water leaks. You can also install and use shelves to keep your items off the ground. Doing so will protect them.

Ideas For Organizing Items In Your Basement

You need to properly store your items in the basement to get the most from the space. Use the advice below to properly store your items in the basement.

Using Cabinets & Shelves

Start by using cabinets and shelves. Using shelves will make a big difference in the long run. First, you’re going to store your items easier. Second, the shelves will keep your belongings off the ground. Therefore, it will protect your items from water issues. You can also use cabinets.

Store Items In Airtight Containers

Again, you’re going to experience moisture issues in your basement. If you aren’t selective, you might store items that can be severely damaged by the moisture. It is pertinent to prevent this from happening. One way to achieve this goal is by using airtight containers. The containers will prevent the moisture from getting inside and further protect your items. If you use clear containers, you’ll always know what you’ve stored.

Organizing Based On Seasonality

When you begin storing items in your basement, be sure to do so based on the seasonality of the items. Ultimately, this is very important because it’ll make sorting through the items easier. At some point, you’ll have to look through the items and get something. To avoid a headache, store items that you’re going to need this season and next season in the front. Place items for next year in the back. Doing this will make it easier for you to get what you need when you need it.

Dealing With Non-Perishable Foods

If you want to store food items in your basement, be sure to choose non-perishable items. Again, your basement is going to be humid, so you don’t want to store perishable foods down there. Instead, you should use your basement to store canned goods and dry items. It is a good idea to store emergency foods down there.

Storing Items Under The Stairs

Remember to use the stairs to your advantage. Most people ignore this part of the basement although doing so is a bad idea. You can store a lot of items under your stairs. For instance, you can hang up a curtain and keep that area separate from the rest. You can also install hooks under the stairs. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to hang up certain items down there.

A Bigger Laundry Room

Have you been using your washer and dryer upstairs? If so, you’re likely eager to get them out of your way. Moving them to the basement is a good idea. Your basement is perfect for this purpose. You can use the other space to expand the laundry room. Install a few shelves above these appliances. Add a standalone cabinet next to the dryer. Add everything you need to your basement laundry room.

Creating A Workspace

If you need more workspace, you should consider relocating downstairs. You can practice your hobby down in the basement. Set up a worktable and hang your tools on the wall. Doing this will ensure that you can work throughout the evening without bothering anyone.

Adding More Living Space

Finally, you should consider turning your basement into more living space. You might not have enough space upstairs for your guests. If this is the case, you should put the guests in the basement. It is a good idea to finish the basement first. Once you’ve done that, you can place a cot and couch down there. Alternatively, you can transform the basement into a workout room, movie theater, living room, or game room. Use your imagination to come up with a good idea for this portion of your home. Transform your basement into something magical and you’ll find yourself wanting to spend more time down there. Ultimately, your basement is likely full of unwanted junk right now. If this is the case, you’ll have to dispose of these items because you can begin using the basement for storage or other purposes. If you need help clearing out your basement, call us. Our technicians will be happy to help.

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