Little Five Points

If Brooklyn has Williamsburg, San Francisco has its Haigh-Ashbury, Atlanta has Little Five Points. This neighborhood is where eccentrics are the norm and judgment is only for those that are judging. L5P or Little Five Points is a district on the east side of Atlanta, Georgia was established in the early 20th century as the city’s commercial district adjacent to Inman Park and Candler Park neighborhoods. It has become very popular for the alternative and contemporary culture that it brings to the city of Atlanta. Little Five Points have been described as the bohemian center of the Southern United States.

What to Do in L5P?

Little 5 Point is a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia neighborhood with the most unique and eclectic character. Tourists like hearing live music flooding the streets on any given day, shop for handmade vintage goodies for people at home.

Wax n’ Facts

If you have a good ear for good music, you might probably want to visit Wax n’ Facts in Moreland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA. This store appears to serve everyone from used records, CDs, tapes, and DVDs. According to the Manager, the business has been a big part of selling music to the community of Atlanta long before many of the stores and boutiques was in the town.

Over the years, the store has expanded, taking over other services for the community such as bars, motorcycle repair shops. Bands do usually plug their music and play live music along the aisles of the shop. If you are looking for cheap but quality records with a unique, laid-back vibe, this is the perfect place for you. EZ Atlanta Junk Removal

Variety Playhouse

Variety Playhouse has been in the community for nearly 24 years. The playhouse has been the venue for music events long before it was a music theater, an art house, church, and laboratory where toxic chemicals were stored. For more new, local music with a theatrical atmosphere, you might consider visiting Variety Playhouse.

The Vortex

This by far is the most famous hometown burger spot because probably because of the giant skull with glowing psychedelic eyes. Their Hell’s Fury Burger has been listed as one of the 101 best burgers in the whole country according to Daily Meal. With its top-notch cocktail selection, this might be the best place to eat in Little Five Points.

Star Bar

L5P’s The Star Bar is the best place if you are up for great live music and drinks every week on Wednesdays through Saturdays.